Catheter Care

Catheterisation of patients is carried out mostly for the following reasons in terminal care: • To relieve retention of urine• A comatose patient• To manage...
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Giving Medicines

There are 3 ‘rights’ always to be kept in mind when giving medicines: RIGHT MEDICATION: RIGHT AMOUNT and RIGHT TIME• Look at the label on...
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Feeding, Mouth Care, Giving Medicines, Syringe Driver Care

Feeding Food plays and important role in the care of your patient. The diet may be full, light, soft or liquid depending on the condition...
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Getting Patient in and Out of Bed, Chair and Car

Helpless and weak patients may like to; Sit out of bed in a chair or wheelchair Get out of bed to use the commode And...
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Positioning the Patient in bed

Dorsal recumbent: Patient lies on his or her back with the head elevated by the back end of the hospital bed with one or two...
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Equipment and Accessories

Make the sick patient’s room as cheerful as possible. (With the assistance of SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS) He may have to lie there all day, and...
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