Patient Home Care Pack

The Patient Home Care Pack  maintains the comfort and dignity of the Patient.

The Patient Home Care Pack

Included in it are the following items:
1 x Poly Cotton Patient Gown White
1 x Toweling /Pvc Adult Bib White
1 x Silver+ Antimicrobial Covered Pillow White
1 x Poly Cotton Pillowcase White
1 x Poly Cotton Fitted Sheet White
1 x Draw Sheet White
1 x Poly Cotton Flat Sheet White
1 x White Cellular Blanket White

Highly Recommended Products:
  • Patient Lift and Turn - Benefits: To Assist the Care giver to Lift and Turn the Patient without Touching the Patient Price 250.00 excl vat and delivery
  • Silver+ Antimicrobial Covered Mattress - Benefits: Prevent Soiling, Antibacterial, Breathable, Stain and Odour resistant and water repellent Price R1250.00 exc vat and delivery
  • Silver+ Antimicrobial Covered Convolute Mattress - Benefits: Assist with the Alleviation of Bed Sores Price R750.00 exc vat and deliver

Our Patient Home Care Pack has the following benefits:

  • Maintains the dignity of the patient.
  • Makes sure the patient is as comfortable as possible
  • Incontinent clinical protective bedding:
    • No soiling, no odours and no embarrassment for the patient

What do our clients say…

Without Sage Enterprises, we could not have cared for my mother in law quite as well as we did.

I would like to thank Gheelmeyah and her friendly staff for assisting and answering all our questions thus providing us with products and service that were new to us.

Shukran and I shall surely refer anybody that is in my position to you.


Nazlie Dalwai ®| Service Delivery

Manager | Enterprise Markets

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